We at Bridge Connect Inc. offer various kinds of freight services to get connected with us for your specified requirements.

Consolidation Programs for Cross Border Consolidation Shipping & Logistics
One of the techniques we can assist customers to reduce their freight amount is through Bridge Connect Inc. consolidated cross-border programs. We pick up as a part or a full load in the Canada & US and deliver to our carrier and LTL networks in all over the provinces as well as states.  Instead of paying for abundant international truckload, courier shipments & LTL freight; customers can enjoy reduced costs on line haul, courier transportation and Canadian domestic LTL.  Customers also transfer from numerous customs records to one consolidated Canadian customs entry.  This considerably reduces your annual customs brokerage charges.  Let Bridge Connect Inc. Logistics help you improve a customized consolidation program just right for you.
One of our chief areas of expertise is inbound vendor consolidation programs. Various retailers are seeing the benefit of controlling their personal inbound freight. Bridge Connect Inc. Logistics will aid you to streamline this course and decrease the number of carriers currently distributed to your facility. This will mean fewer paperwork and administration charges resulting in cost savings. We effort closely with your vendors, logistics division, and buyers to simplify your transportation supply chain.

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